The company

From discovery, to pre-clinical and clinical phases, biomarker studies can help in the development of new chemical entities, in terms of speed, cost and improved quality.

In early drug development, biomarkers help identify lead drug candidates by predicting toxicological effects. During clinical development, they help in decision-making based on drug safety and drug efficacy.


is an independent Contract Research organization specialized in the evaluation of drugs & products effects using innovative technologies within a regulatory framework.


was created in April 2009 by people coming from contract research domain dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and sharing the vision of the creation of a new innovation based organization.


focuses on studies applied to biomarkers in many areas: human & veterinary pharmaceuticals, dermo-cosmetics, and nutraceuticals.


Synelvia is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists (MSc, Pharm.D, Ph.D) with a strong expertise in pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic R&D.

Strategic board and Management


CEO, co-founder, Pharm.D

is Chief Executive Officer of Synelvia. Nicolas has a Pharm.D from the University of Toulouse and holds a Master’s in Drug Development. From 2001 to 2009, Nicolas worked in a CRO as project manager in pharmaceutical development and for the last 4 years as Director of the Quality Control laboratory. Nicolas brings an experience of general management and financing within the CRO sector.

Alain MOGA

CSO, co-founder, Eng MSc

is Chief Scientific Officer of Synelvia. Alain has a degree in chemical engineering from the National Chemistry School of Lyon (ENSCL). He worked in a CRO as a project manager in pharmaceutical development and business development. He previously worked at Bayer and in Pierre Fabre laboratories. Alain brings his knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical and business development.

André WEIL


is Chief Business Officer at Synelvia. Andre brings his experience of general management and its position to ensure business growth through managing business development activities. Andre is a Ph.D. from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI in Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology. He spent several years at the St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London, UK.
Andre has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He was a co-founder & President of Avogadro, an independent GLP & GMP compliant CRO established in 1998 and based in France and in the USA.

Valérie Pendaries-Rahoul


is in vitro department supervisor of Synelvia. Valérie is a Ph.D. from the University Diderot, Paris VII in cutaneous biology and pharmacology and has an engineer degree in research and development from the Industrial Biology School (E.B.I) of Cergy Pontoise. She worked since 10 years as a project manager in cutaneous biology. Valérie brings his knowledge and experience in Tissue and Cellular Biology within the cutaneous domain.

Scientific Advisors

Marie-Christine CADIERGUES- ENVT




Synelvia strongly believe that partnering with the most outstanding players in the R&D arena is the key in advancing innovative solutions to evaluate drug/product efficacy.

ENVT Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire Toulouse


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