Synelvia is investing in its own R&D

in the following subjects:

  • Develoment of new alternative methods  using fresh whole blood  to evaluate the immunotoxicity of drugs and their capacity to modulate the inflammation

  • Exploration of skin biology and homeostasie (barrier function, skin hydration, skin inflammation)

  • Exploration of skin atopy (atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis)

  • Evaluation of environmental stress on skin biology (UVs, singlet oxygen, ozone, smoke and pollution)

  • Development of customized Reconstructed Human Epidermis using shRNA gene silencing

  • Development of Reconstructed Canin Epidermis

  • Development of biosensor for a non invasive and rapid measure of biomarkers

Synelvia is CIR accredited (« Crédit Impot Recherche » / Research Tax Credit).

See the CIR accreditation for years 2014 / 2015/ 2016 as pdf file.