Analytical services

Analytical Chemistry
In analytical chemistry, Synelvia proposes the following services:

  • Analytical development on request
  • Validation, transfer of analytical methods to ICH guidelines fo active ingredients (herbal drugs) and galenic forms (solids, semi-solids and liquids)
  • Analytical support for galenic development
  • Stability studies (stability indicating methods)

Bioanalytical Chemistry
Synelvia has the possibility to perform in-house analytical development and validation of validated surrogate biomarkers or other biomarkers.

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Innovative models and solutions

Synelvia set up innovative models provide a reliable tool to evaluate drug & product activity/efficacy in early phase development. Find hereafter some examples of applications:

  • Determination of antioxidant/detoxifying activities (in-silico tests on specific biological matrices exposed to stress like UVs, singlet oxygen, ozone, and smoke)
  • Bioactivity testing and evaluation of modulation of inflammation and immunotoxicity (tests on fresh whole blood models)
  • Predictive skin responses (tests on customized Reconstructed Human Epidermis)


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Imaging services

Synelvia proposes innovating imaging techniques for the exploration and quantification of biomarkers.

Micro-imaging can be performed on collected tissues samples:

  • Histology with classical colorations
  • Immunohistochemistry with specific immuno-staining
  • Histomorphometry for quantitive evaluation of microscopic lesions

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Scientific support

Synelvia proposes a scientific support including statistical and biochemical interpretation to help in decision making.

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